Asset Protection Litigation

It is no longer uncommon for individuals to plan in advance to preserve their financial security against unexpected events. The use of offshore trusts, family limited partnerships, domestic asset protection trusts and self-settled spendthrift trusts is becoming more widespread as the laws change allowing individuals various means to protecting their assets. Even with great preparation, asset protection plans still have to be defended and creditors often seek to collect against individuals who have asset protection plans in place.

We will assist you if your asset protection plan is challenged by creditors. At Bethe Law, we help individuals fend off creditors and claimants at all levels, from introductory “fishing expeditions” to full-blown litigation.  Our decades of experience in representing individuals in these situations serves us and our clients well, and we can defend the claims against you, including claims for fraudulent transfer, alter ego, rescission, and piercing the corporate veil.  These attacks can come in a variety of forms, including claims for fraudulent transfer, piercing the corporate veil and post-judgment remedies like charging orders, garnishments and judgment debtor exams.